AI Training Program for Leadership

Designed to help you leave a strategic visionary, our AI training program will coach you through all the steps you need to follow to ensure a return on AI investment. By the end of the program you will walk away with a ready-to-implement AI roadmap customized to your organization.
Taught by PhD Experts from:
Taught by Phd AI expert from renowed company
Key Training Takeaways
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Walk away with an AI roadmap with specific ways to solve problems using Machine Learning.

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Learn how to predict ROI for a potential AI Project.

  • Algorithmically Feasible
  • Impact
  • Data
  • Recurrence
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Machine Learning Tools

Learn industry standard tools to do Machine Learning. Including:

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  • Caffe logo
  • Tensorflow logo
  • Pytorch logo
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Foundations of Machine Learning

Learn fundamental algorithms crucial to designing a Machine Learning system.

  • 'Data to Scores'
  • 'Data to Classes'
  • 'Data to Clusters'
"My digital transformation clients have found the 'AIDR' framework really easy to understand. It’s logical how you first think through a problem and whether it’s big enough, before seeing if you have the right data to build something to solve it."
Gregory North
CEO, Globe North


AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science

Introduction to Machine Learning

Data to Scores

Data to Classes

Data to Clusters

Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning

Tools for Machine Learning & Current trends

Solving Business Problems with Machine Learning in Various Industries

Break Out Session

Sit down with Fusemachines PhDs to identify several AI use cases that could benefit your business

Concluding Remarks
Benefits of our Program
  • Become a strategic leader for AI in your business
  • Uncover the possible use cases for AI in your business
  • Impactful for companies from SMEs to Fortune 500s
  • Learn from leading industry experts and PhDs
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