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Add to Box Recommendation

Make suggestions for your customers’ carts as they’re checking out

Add to Box Recommendation
Add to box recommendations ensure your customers see products they’re likely to want right as they’re ready to make a purchase.

What is Add to Box Recommendation Engine?

Our Add to Box Recommendation Engine uses AI to suggest complementary or related products to customers based on current selections, shopping cart contents. The engine analyzes other customer specific data as well, such as purchase history, browsing history, and search queries. It identifies patterns and predicts products a customer might be interested in adding to their cart. The engine also reminds consumers when they’re likely to be running out of certain products based on their consumption patterns.

Customers are more likely to make purchases when shown personalized options, especially if they’re already making other purchases and adding to the cart is simple and easy. The add to box AI engine makes an offer customers are most likely to take when they’re mostly likely to take them, leading to more purchases.

Our team of experts would be happy to show you how leveraging our add to box AI engine could increase your revenue.

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