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Learning Path

Students first take an Eligibility Test to be placed into the MicrodegreeTM in AI Program or the Foundations in AI Program, either with or without the CS course.
Learning Path

Foundations in AI

The Fusemachines Foundations in AI is designed to enable students and engineers to begin their AI education suitable for any industry. This course provides a strong foundation in mathematical concepts of linear algebra, calculus, statistics, and Python programming language. This course also provides the foundation required to continue on to Fusemachines’ MicrodegreeTM Program in Artificial Intelligence.


Introduction to

Computer Science for AI

Introduction to

Mathematics for AI

Who should Enroll

  • Students with basic knowledge of computer science and mathematics.
  • Students who have completed their intermediate level of education.
I’d recommend the Fusemachines educational program to anyone who has an interest in AI and wants to pursue it as a career option.

One Harrison

Software Engineer, Listenfirst


  • Design, implement, test, debug, and document programs in Python
  • Understand different concepts related to computer science required for AI
  • Build strong programming and mathematical foundations to take advanced AI courses
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MicrodegreeTM in AI

A MicrodegreeTM program for Artificial Intelligence is an accelerated learning program in Artificial Intelligence. The MicrodegreeTM program is created by the leading US university faculty members and AI industry experts. It is specifically designed to upskill an engineer with AI expertise. This program offers four core courses - Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision (CV), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing

Who should Enroll

  • Basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus.
  • Knowledge of probability and statistics.
  • Programming experience in Python.
  • Experience implementing computer science algorithms and object-oriented programming.
  • The ability to run programs and interpret output from a command line terminal or shell.


  • Ability to rapidly produce prototype machine learning models using most of the common ML libraries such as Tensorflow, Scikit Learn with a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.
  • Deep understanding of all topics covered in 4 courses including their mathematical concepts.
  • Ability to read academic journals and implement classical to state-of-the-art ML algorithms.
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Key Features


Our proprietary coding platform allows students to work and submit their assignments online and provides access to dedicated GPU servers.

Fusemachines’ Teaching
Pedagogy Training

Fusemachines trains instructors to facilitate student learning rather than lecture them. This style keeps students engaged and doesn’t impede their learning.

Student Progress Tracking

Our platform includes a dashboard for admins to see how far along each student is both overall and within each AI module.


Students receive an industry recognized certificate for each AI program that they complete.

Additional Features

Global Forum for AI students to share their ideas
Free access to Fusemachines AI events

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