Retraining your Workforce in AI
A 1-year program that is taught by experts both on-site and online.
Organizations are looking for creative ways to address the AI Talent shortage while demand for AI Talent continues to climb. The most effective method for the Enterprise will be to upskill existing employees while also looking at building customized AI schools to overcome the supply—demand gap.
Sameer Maskey
Sameer Maskey
Founder and CEO
Fusemachines Inc.
Get customized content to align with key initiatives.
Core curriculum
4 Main Courses
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
Customized for your organization
  • Industry Specific Content
  • AI for Business
    (For Non-Technical Stakeholders)
  • Department Specific Content
3 Months
Per course
Time Commitment
10+ Hours
  • Linear Algebra/Statistics/Calculus
  • Experience with Python
  • Eagerness to learn
Ready to build your AI team?
Onboard AI Talent In-House at Scale
Hire 25-100+ AI Engineers in 18 Months
We build AI schools completely dedicated to overcoming your organization’s AI needs.
Assessment and curriculum
Fusemachines assesses your AI hiring needs and future initiatives to develop a customized curriculum for your new AI Talent pipeline.
Your school is established
Fusemachines establishes a new school dedicated to your organization’s AI Roadmap. We attract the students and then the training with your organization’s custom curriculum begins.
Results matter, we make sure you see them
While 100’s of engineers participate in your organization’s school, we track each student’s individual progress. With our analytics, you’ll see results and ensure the quality of graduates joining your in-house teams.
Interviews Begin
In anticipation of graduation, you interview top performers and begin the process of integrating them into different internal teams.
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