“We’ve never worked with a company like Fusemachines before with such success. The team is really dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. We couldn’t have done all this work in the same amount of time.”
Peter Verrillo
Founder and CEO
Our Methodology
We Eliminate
Recruiter Fees
Recruiter Fees
Hiring & Onboarding Time
Hiring & Onboarding Time
Lack of Qualified Talent
Lack of Qualified Talent
How We Do It
We build data and AI teams that pair PhDs, senior local leads, and distributed engineers.
Our teams are flexible scaling up or down as needed and can be deployed in just 15 days.
Local engineers
We deploy industry experienced PhDs, Technical Leads, and Data Architects based in North America to execute your data and AI needs.
Distributed engineers
The most cost-effective way to build a team comprised of each tier of talent. All distributed teams work to the standard of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.
Local + Distributed engineers
We deploy resources both distributed and locally to save on costs without sacrificing time overlap with the person managing your Fusemachines team.
Accelerate your organization’s data to AI journey.
Tell us how we can help and we’ll take care of the rest.
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