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Our team of veteran machine learning scientists and AI strategists have years of experience creating AI roadmaps for large enterprises, including Apple and IBM.
“We have enjoyed our partnership with the Fuse team as they assisted us in confidently bringing the Dotscience product to market. We are excited to find new ways to continue our collaboration with Fusemachines.”
Alice Sowerby

4 Steps to Develop an AI Roadmap

1 Understand your Strategic Goals
Understand your Strategic Goals
The first step to building an AI strategy is to have our AI PhDs and strategists align with your stakeholders on the high level goals they have for the organization.
2 Determine How AI Can Help Reach your Goals
Determine How AI Can Help Reach your Goals
We then bring in the whole executive leadership team to collaboratively figure out the best approach to addressing your strategic goals with AI. By involving all stakeholders you can ensure that everyone buys-in to the strategy, which is essential for successful adoption of the resulting AI technology.
3 Identify and Prioritize AI Projects
Identify and Prioritize AI Projects
Next, we guide your organization through our AIDR framework for assessing the feasibility of AI projects. Based on the four guiding principles below we will help your organization prioritize your planned AI projects and help scope out how to Schedule a conversation.
4 Establish an AI Roadmap
Establish an AI Roadmap
If all stakeholders are agreed on the goals and priorities of the AI strategy then a roadmap can be created outlining each step of your organization’s AI transformation.

Our Framework Assesses if Your Project is AI-Ready

Algorithm Viability
Are there existing algorithms that fit the domain of your problem well? If not, you may need to consider building an algorithm to address it.
Does the end goal have tangible business impact on revenue, costs, customer experience, overhead, or product usability?
Assessing your current state of data is essential. Do you have the right type and amount of data so that the model can be trained to be accurate?
How often does your current challenge arise and how often will the end product or solution be utilized by your users?
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EHR/Diagnosis Automation
AI Teams AI Strategy
EHR/Diagnosis Automation
SaaS provider of electronic health record systems wanted to overcome the roadblock of not being able to integrate AI capabilities into their SaaS product
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Process Transformation and Imaging
AI Teams AI Strategy
Process Transformation and Imaging
Transformed a prestigious healthcare system’s supply chain by developing advanced machine learning and image recognition to enable the procurement and on-demand consumption of implants.

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