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AI Teams
Product Similarity Engine & Stock-Out Prediction System
A large US-based publicly traded retail & e-commerce brand sought to develop a product similarity engine and a stock-out prediction system for their brick-and-mortar stores.
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March 15,
Meeting with Fusemachines to discuss their AI needs
March 19,
Interview with Fusemachines’ computer vision PhD
March 22,
First contract signed with Fusemachines
March 29,
Fusemachines contract begins with a computer vision PhD
Bülent U.
Bülent U.,
April 15,
Fusemachines adds two ML engineer
Regent V.
Regent V.,
ML Engineer
Sijan S.
Sijan S.,
ML Engineer
February 7,
First Contract Expanded with Fusemachines
February 21,
Fusemachines adds another computer vision PhD to the team
Pradip M.
Pradip M.,
March 6,
Fusemachines adds an additional ML engineer
Prakash C.
Prakash C.,
ML Engineer
The current Fusemachines team is now 5 total, and growing

The AI Talent You Need When You Need It


10+ years of experience
  • Define AI strategies
  • Define model architectures
  • Perform MLOps
  • Lead and guide junior ML engineers
Hire an AI PhD

Local Senior AI Engineers

5-10 years of experience
  • North America based AI engineers
  • Manage AI projects
  • Help lead and guide junior AI engineers
  • Client-facing engineers
Hire a Senior AI Engineer

Distributed AI Engineers

1-4 years of experience
  • Clean and prepare data for model training sets
  • Help build models
  • Build APIs for the models
  • Deploy AI systems
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Why We're Different
You Make a Real Difference in the World
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Deploy a team in 15 Days
Local Senior North American talent
We cultivate our talent from the high school to graduate level
Attractive rates
How We Build Teams
1 We Assess
We Assess
your priorities, requirements and preferred workflow to construct the right team for you.
2 We Analyze
We Analyze
various data points during discovery and onboarding to carefully build teams and establish feedback loops to continuously improve.
3 You Get
You Get
a team comprised of high-quality local PhDs, local senior AI engineers, and distributed AI engineers who are selected to meet your specific needs. After the project is completed, you keep all IP developed and we’ll even help patent the technology with you.
Scale and grow your AI team with Fusemachines.
Tell us what you are looking for, we’ll take care of the rest.
See how Fusemachines has successfully built AI teams for organizations like yours.
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Drug Discovery
AI Teams
Drug Discovery
A US based biotech company aims to increase the quality of life for patients with degenerative diseases by treating and extending their healthspan.
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Process Transformation and Imaging
AI Teams AI Strategy
Process Transformation and Imaging
Transformed a prestigious healthcare system’s supply chain by developing advanced machine learning and image recognition to enable the procurement and on-demand consumption of implants.

Accelerate your organization’s data to AI journey.

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