AI Talent Solutions

Identify and Address your AI Needs Today

From creating an AI strategy for your organization to building AI systems into production, our AI Talent Solution has you covered.

Fusemachines’ AI Talent Solutions has consistently provided us with great results, with a talented and dependable cohort of engineers that collaborates well with our data science team generating tangible benefits, and we look forward to continuing this alliance.

What We Do


AI Strategy

Fuse Ph.D’s help identify opportunities for your business to leverage AI to solve key business problems or build new product features.

Our team can design, build, and deploy AI systems into production.


Staff Augmentation

This is not outsourcing. We’ve mastered integrating distributed AI Engineers to create value.

Ramp up in 2 weeks. No Recruiting fees, no onboarding hassle. Scale up or down resources on demand.



We deploy the engineers you need for your Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or Data Science

Our Core AI Expertise

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning

Reinforcement learning

Deep Learning

Speech recognition

Image recognition

Intelligent character recognition

Computer Vision

Image processing 


Motion recognition

Natural Language Processing

Information extraction

Document classification and clustering

Dialog modeling and chatbots

How We Build Your Team

AI PhD's

Our PhDs will tackle your needs, when you need them.

Local AI Tech Leads

Our local tech leads support clients who need experienced leads capable of both managing and executing AI projects while working alongside key stakeholders to ensure success at all levels.

Distributed Engineers

Our Remote resources are fully dedicated and work out of Fusemachines office spaces which are 9001:2015 compliant. All engineers go through a fulltime 1-year training program.

Speak with a PhD and get real value for your time

Machine Learning Workflow

Data Storage

Our team of PhDs and industry experts can help you build an AI strategy around the problem you are trying to solve and the data you currently are collecting. We help you determine what data could be needed to solve your problem and where you can get it. In addition, our team can annotate your data and prepare it for building and training your models.

Data Preparation

Depending on the nature of the data you’re working with and where it is stored, we are able to clean, process, and analyze the data. We are able to enrich data by reformatting, correcting, and combining datasets into a usable format.


When we build and deploy models we can use your stack or create workflow designed for your project with the right tools to set your project up for success. We are architecture agnostic and deploy into Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or on-prem.

Model Building

We use the prepared data to construct and train a model. This process requires a cycle of testing and iterating a model to improve accuracy working towards a desired result.

What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonial -

"I don't like say to in-house because I consider Fusemachines as in-house engineers too."

Sarah Chiche

Head of Product

Companies trust Fusemachines for growth

Why you should
work with us

  • You keep any IP our engineers build for you.
  • Scale up or down resources on demand.
  • Our cost-effective business model.
  • No recruiters or recruiting fees.

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