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Our AI Strategist, comprised of industry experts and PhDs, will help your organization to unlock new opportunities to leverage AI with a tangible ROI. See how we can help you solve problems more effectively with AI solutions that work for your organization.

Our Clients

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How we work


A crucial first step to effectively leveraging AI is to identify a problem that has a tangible ROI.
Our AI Strategist will work with your organization to determine a problem well suited for AI. A detailed assessment is conducted to determine feasibility, expected ROI, the nature of the problem, available data, data infrastructure, and how the system would need to function for it to be an effective solution for your organization.


Our Strategist create a detailed report coupled with an SOW that exposes the steps needed to build out an AI solution.
Our AI Strategist will collect learnings from the discovery phase to develop a detailed report highlighting feasibility, expected ROI, an assessment of data infrastructure, an assessment of available data, executive summaries and more.
This report comes with an SOW providing a roadmap for your organization. It includes the suggested architecture on the modeling side as well as the system’s overall design.


Fusemachines helps execute the SOW by providing AI Engineers to build out your AI solution.
Our strategist deliver a detailed report and SOW for your AI solution.
Fusemachines helps your organization with execution by building a team of AI Engineers to build out your AI solution.

Our Methodology

We use applications of Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning to solve strategic problems and build exciting product features for our clients.

Ready to unlock more value from AI?

Our Workflow

Data Storage

Our team of PhDs and industry experts can help you build an AI strategy around the problem you are trying to solve and the data you currently are collecting. We help you determine what data could be needed to solve your problem and where you can get it. In addition, our team can annotate your data and prepare it for building and training your models.

Data Preparation

Depending on the nature of the data you’re working with and where it is stored, we are able to clean, process, and analyze the data. We are able to enrich data by reformatting, correcting, and combining datasets into a usable format.


When we build and deploy models we can use your stack or create workflow designed for your project with the right tools to set your project up for success. We deploy into Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, or on-prem.

Model Building

We use the prepared data to construct and train a model. This process requires a cycle of testing and iterating a model to improve accuracy, working toward a desired result.

'AIDR' Framework

Our AIDR Framework helps effectively prioritize and determine problems well suited for an AI Solution. Using this framework, you can determine if a project is AI-ready, what kind of ROI to expect, and what it would take to build an AI system to solve your organization's problem.

Algorithmically Feasible

  • Is the problem you're facing well suited for an algorithm to solve?
  • Is it possible?


  • What ROI would you see if this problem was solved?
  • Who would this solution impact?


  • How much data do you have and is it available?
  • How do we collect the data needed to solve this problem?
  • How do we collect data you need?


  • How consistent is this problem?
  • Will this problem, if gone unsolved, hinder your organization?

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