We build remote AI teams for organizations

Whether you are looking for Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers with experience in NLP or Computer Vision, we can help. In two weeks, we can deploy an AI Team systematically constructed and put together to address your organization's needs.

Our Clients

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Our Methodology

Finding, vetting, and training AI Engineers is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The AI talent shortage makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to scale up or down AI projects according to priority and get the results they need faster. We believe there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to solve these problems than to depend on recruiters or hiring platforms.
That’s why Fusemachines created an AI Engineering Teams Solution which provides direct access to dedicated PhDs, Tech Leads, and Distributed engineers who can onboard to your project in 2 weeks. We deploy 3 different types of teams to address your organization’s needs and budget: Local, Distributed, and Local + Distributed.
  • Local Engineers

    We deploy experienced Phd’s, Tech leads and engineers into your office to deliver your AI needs.
  • Distributed Engineers

    The most cost-effective way to build an AI team comprised of experienced PhDs, Tech Lead and Distributed AI Engineers. All distributed teams work to the standard of ISO 9001:2015.
  • Local + Distributed Engineers

    We deploy resources both distributed and on-site to address your team's needs.

AI Talent Pyramid

We build AI Teams with your needs in mind. The Fusemachines Talent Pyramid team structure comprised of 3 Levels of Talent, provides your organization with the flexibility to scale up or down the right resources at the right time for your projects.


Our Ph.D.’s combine practical experience with the latest in Machine Learning research to provide strategic level help in the ideation and development of new intellectual property, AI system architecture, model development, and more.

Tech Leads

Our local Tech Leads support clients who need experienced leads capable of both managing and executing AI projects while working alongside key stakeholders to ensure success at all levels.

Distributed Engineers

Our Remote resources are fully dedicated and work out of Fusemachines office spaces which are ISO 9001:2015 compliant. All engineers go through a full-time 1-year training program.

How teams work

From Discovery to Deployment our AI Engineering Teams are designed to ensure the success of your project at every stage.

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