“Fusemachines’ AI as a Service has consistently provided us with great results, with a talented and dependable cohort of engineers that collaborates well with our data science team generating tangible benefits, and we look forward to continuing this alliance.”
CEO, Butterfly.ai
Butterfly.ai is a web platform that focuses on providing leadership coaching to managers by using feedback from employees regardless of where they’re located. Managers are able to receive customized tools based on the evaluation they get from surveys sent out at high frequency to employees.


Butterfly.ai was growing quickly but found themselves limited in their ability to address new client demands due to bandwidth constraints. In order to develop customized platform experiences, new features, and analytics for their new clients, the Butterfly.ai team realized it was crucial to quickly scale up their engineering team with resources they could trust. Finding these resources was not easy.

The Solution

Butterfly.ai hired Fusemachines and in two weeks they had a team of engineers with the skillset they were looking for. Adding 2 Fusemachines engineers initially, and one shortly after, Fusemachines made it easy for them to scale their team on demand.
The process of hiring engineers has never been easier for us. It used to take us about 6 months to find the right engineer, but with Fusemachines, we were able to onboard 3 engineers in two weeks. Overall we saved a little over 30% on the total cost for each resource, not including around $35k in recruiting fees and time spent on vetting talent.
Simon Rakosi
Co-Founder and COO
As Butterfly.ai continues to grow, we are looking to foster our partnership with Fusemachines through the qualified talent to enhance our products. The flexible option to add and reduce engineers allowed us to have more manpower when we had to ramp up our product development.

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