We build AI Schools and Programs for Educational Institutions, Corporations and Governments

We believe everyone should get an opportunity to get high-quality AI Education, be it a child from an underserved community or be it an aspiring employee in a corporation.
For Educational Institutions

Upskilling Educational Institutes

Enabling Quality AI Education Worldwide
AI Course for Colleges
Start offering your students Machine Learning and Advanced AI courses today.
AI Course for High Schools
Fundamental Math and Computer Science courses to prepare the next generation of ML engineers.
Integrated AI Degree
Integrate Fusemachines’ comprehensive AI degree program into your educational institution.
Eductional Institution
Our goal
Fusemachines is transforming the way schools in rural America prepare their students for a career in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. By partnering with high schools and colleges in the United States, the Teach AI in Rural America Program provides schools with the curriculum, resources, teachers, and industry connections graduates need for high paying Data Science and AI Engineering jobs.

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