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We are a team of AI PhDs, ML Ops Architects, Data Experts, and model builders ready to bring our expertise to your in-house team.
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AI Model Development

We help design and build production ready models that bring actual value to the enterprise. With a core focus in machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, our deep experience bridges the latest in academia with extensive industry experience to drive results quickly.
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Fusemachines’ AI Services have consistently provided us with great results, with a talented and dependable cohort of engineers that collaborates well with our data science team generating tangible benefits. We look forward to continuing this alliance.
David Mendlewicz
CEO of Butterfly.ai
Leading Subscription box company focused on pet supplies and toys.
bark box
All of the client’s subscriber and marketing data was held in an excel file that frequently crashed. It was impossible to do effective customer segmentation, clustering, & analytics.
Fusemachines leveraged subscriber purchasing data, marketing data, and website data to generate recommendations for add ons and subscription upselling using deep learning techniques and collaborative filtering. The system that Fuse engineers created increased e-commerce site sales by 20%.
Tech Stack
  • Tool Redshift
  • Tool React JS
  • Tool Python
  • Tool Amazon web services
  • Java Java
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

ML Architecture & DevOps

ML Ops help simplify and accelerate model development and performance. Our experts address operational challenges by using platforms that can scale and standardize development, validation, deployment and monitoring as quickly as possible.
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Fusemachines played a big role in making better architectural decisions, which reduced our costs and covered skills we were lacking. Even when requirements changed mid project, our Fuse engineers met stringent deadlines to budget.
Director Software Development
We view Fusemachines as a strategic partner for us.
President & CEO
A leading web based advertising agency specializing in engagement & monetization messaging.
WMC Global
The client sought to scale the personalization of their advertisement platform to increase the revenue of their customers.
Within 6 months of working with this company, Fusemachines created and deployed a neural network based factorization model. The team also provided ML Ops expertise to establish a resilient ML infrastructure, which reduced the time and resources needed to see value from the system and reduced their AWS spend by 50%.
Tech Stack
  • Tool Tensorflow
  • Tool Amazon web services
  • Tool MongoDB
  • Tool S3
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Neural Field-Aware Factorization
  • DeepCTR

Data Engineering

Our data architects and data engineers help organizations not fall behind in establishing the right “blueprint” for data management. Partner with Fusemachines to build the exact data solutions that you need to get value from your technology. Never feel dependent that another data platform’s product roadmap aligns with yours again.
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Fusemachines accelerated our AI Platform time to market substantially.
Luke Marsden
CEO of DotScience
A worldwide mass media company based in New York City.
bark box
The client sought to automate the categorization of customer information for their magazine and digital subscribers.
Fusemachines automated the data annotation process essential for entity and entity relationship extraction. Fuse engineers leveraged Snowflake to store annotated data in the cloud. Training models became much easier once the data was annotated and stored in the cloud, which greatly increased the speed and reliability of segmentations made by the model.
Tech Stack
  • Tool Snowflake
  • Tool Kubernetes
  • Tool BigQuery
  • Tool Airflow
  • Machine Learning

AI Strategy

Our AI Scientists and Solution Architects can bring deep expertise in assessing opportunities to build a larger AI strategy for your organization or build new AI products destined for success in the market.
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We’re excited about the partnership we’ve had with Fusemachines. We've never worked with a company like Fusemachines before with such success. The team is really dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. We couldn't have done all this work in the same amount of time.
Peter Verrillo
Founder and CEO of Enhatch
Exscribe EHR is an all-in-one Electronic Health Records (EHR) system developed to meet the unique needs of busy orthopedic practices.
Orthopaedic practices manually enter health data, assessments, doctors’ orders and notes. The process was time consuming and subject to human error.
Fusemachines automated the process by creating a system that transcribed doctors’ notes into patient summary forms in their online system. The fuse-built system provided 85% accuracy in classifying dictated notes into the 8 categories that needed to be filled out in the patients’ online summary forms.
Tech Stack
  • Tool Python
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • BERT

Our Methodology

Finding, vetting, and training AI Engineers is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The AI talent shortage makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to scale up or down AI projects according to priority and get the results they need faster. We believe there is a more efficient and cost-effective way to solve these problems than to depend on recruiters or hiring platforms.
That’s why Fusemachines created an AI Engineering Teams Solution which provides direct access to dedicated PhDs, Tech Leads, and Distributed Engineers who can onboard to your project in 2 weeks. We deploy 3 different types of teams to address your organization’s needs and budget: Local, Distributed, and Local + Distributed.
Local engineers
We deploy industry experienced AI PhDs, Technical Leads, and Data Architects based in North America to deliver your Data and AI needs.
Distributed engineers
The most cost-effective way to build an AI team comprised of experienced PhDs, Tech Lead and Distributed AI Engineers. All distributed teams work to the standard of ISO 9001:2015.
Local + Distributed engineers
We deploy resources both distributed and on-site to address your team’s needs.

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