AI Education Services for Working Professionals

AI courses for busy business and technology professionals

AI for Business Professionals

For non-technical professionals across functions, enhance understanding of the fundamental concepts and real-life user cases of artificial intelligence, data science, machines learning, and deep learning across industry sectors

Business professionals from manager to C-suite

6 weeks, 2hours/week online live instructions by AI PhDs who also operate businesses

  • Interactive discussions on AI concepts and use cases
  • Use Python to develop a basic Machine Learning model
  • Use CRISP-DM to plan and implement Machine Learning projects
For Enterprises
For Enterprises

Machine Learning for Business Professionals

For business professionals to augment their capabilities and marketability with Machine Learning skills

6 weeks, 2 hours/week online live instruction by AI PhDs who also lead technology businesses

  • Learn Machine Learning algorithms, such as regression, k-Nearest Neighbor, and neural networks
  • Implement models with scikit-learn
  • Optimize model performance
  • Use CRISP-DM to plan and implement a Machine Learning project
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