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Financial Services

Institutional Quality Investments

Changing the way wealth is created, this financial organization provides access to asset based investments that are historically unavailable to most investors. Their platform allows you to effortlessly participate in opportunities with low market correlation and target yields of 8-15%, across litigation nance, real estate and other alternative asset classes. We believe our technology platform creates a unique experience for investors at every level and provides valuable diversication and strength to most portfolios.
We believe in the power of technology to drive equality and transparency to investing. So, we built a platform designed to provide easy access to institutional quality investments.


Their ability to assess the net value of an individual's assets wasn't scalable. They needed a way to more easily reference someone's W2 and tax return documents to determine if they match the usual profile of one of their members.


Fusemachines engineers built two optical character recognition (OCR) systems, one that could extract relevant information from W2 forms, and one for tax forms.
he system starts by performing document classification to determine if the document is a W2 or tax return form. The appropriate OCR system then begins extracting the relevant information.
The financial information is extracted in a structured form to make it easy to determine if the candidate is appropriate for for their investment platform.
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