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Automated AI Model Training

Dotscience is a company, SaaS platform, and enterprise product based in the United Kingdom. The Dotscience platform allows AI to be reproducible, accountable, collaborative, and continuously delivered, by enabling Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists to work together in a single environment.
“Fusemachines accelerated our AI Platform time to market substantially”
Luke Marsden


With an aggressive go to market strategy, Dotscience was limited by the number of available resources capable of efficiently testing their platform. Dotscience knew that they needed to scale their team while remaining true to their product roadmap, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


In two weeks, Fusemachines was able to build a team of Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists to begin testing and enhancing the Dotscience platform. At 1/3 of the rate of on-site consultants, Fusemachines saved Dotscience $48,000 annually per engineer, enabling Dotscience to confidently take their product to market.
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