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Information Extraction

Xtract AI EngineTM

The future of Generative AI for Information Extraction

Extract data from any document and automate Workflows

Xtract AI Engine Page
Xtract AI Engine Page

Generative AI for Information Extraction & Document Intelligence

Combining powerful LLMs with Advanced Computer Vision Models to deliver state of the art information extraction & document understanding capabilities.

Auto Layout and ROI Detection

The Fusemachines Xtract can automatically understand complex layouts and automatically find Regions of Interest from large structured and unstructured documents.

Document Data Extraction

Industry Specific LLM's

The Fusemachines Xtract leverages fine-tuned LLM's for the finance and legal sectors but can be customized to suit the specific needs of any industry.

AI classifies the document

Efficient & Adaptive Learning

The Fusemachines Xtract is able to process and adapt to different types of documents with very few examples using few shot and one shot learning.

Efficient & Adaptive Learning

Complex Data Processed Easily

The Fusemachines Xtract is trained to understand and extract complex information from financial statements, invoices and handwritten documents.

Complex Data Processed Easily

Why companies choose Fusemachines Xtract AI Engine?

Xtract safety
Keep your data safe with on-prem deployment
  • Our Xtract is deployed to your on prem cloud of choice.
  • *Does Support Region Specific Deployment
Xtract structured
Extracts unstructured and structured data seamlessly

Effortlessly extract both structured and unstructured data, seamlessly empowering your analytics with versatile information sources.

Xtract accuracy
99% accuracy guaranteed

We combine the power of AI with human in the loop validation services to ensure 99% accuracy of any extracted data.

Xtract rating
Hassle free pricing

Unlimited documents and API usage for a flat fee.

Seamlessly Integrates with the tools you already use

Extract information from any source including documents, images, emails, support tickets or databases.

Integrats with tools
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