AI Program for Corporations

Retain and Retrain your Workforce in AI

A Blended Artificial Intelligence Program that is Taught by PhD Experts both
Onsite and Online..
Organizations are looking for creative ways to address the AI Talent shortage while demand for AI Talent continues to increase. I believe, the most effective method for the Enterprise will be to upskill existing employees.
Sameer Maskey
Founder and CEO
Fusemachines Inc.

Customized Platform for your Organization

The e-learning platform makes self learning easy. It offers videos,
quizzes, assessments, progress tracking, and other resources.


Our proprietary coding platform allows students to work and submit their assignments online and provides access to dedicated GPU servers.

Industry & Department
Specific Content

Electives include industry specific use cases, as well as department specific courses for marketing, human resources, etc.

Your Learning Brand

Make it your own, a white-labeled platform that creates a feeling of shared experience and drives greater engagement from your people.

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Core Curriculum

Designed to upskill an engineer with AI expertise.

Machine Learning

Learn to build classification, regression, and clustering models using scikit-learn and other tools. Be able to rapidly produce Machine learning systems in different scenarios, as well as use the most common Machine Learning libraries and modify them as per your needs.

Deep Learning

Learn the mathematical basis of deep learning. You will then learn to implement concepts such as multilayer perceptrons, backpropagation, optimization methods, and neural networks into a production-grade system.

Computer Vision

Learn computer vision concepts such as image processing, feature detection, image classification, and object recognition. You will use these concepts in applications such as self-driving cars and visual surveillance.

Natural Language Processing

Learn concepts such as text normalization, classification, and clustering; language modeling, parsing, and information extraction; and machine translation. You will then use these concepts to apply NLP in dialogue systems (chatbots) and question-answering systems.


1 to 3 Month

Per Course


  • Affinity for Mathematics
  • Experience with Python
  • Eagerness to Learn

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