AI Training Program for Product Teams and Managers

Hands-on training for technical and non-technical Product Teams and Managers to create an AI roadmap through a combination of interactive presentations, break out discussions, group projects, and guided coding sessions. Whether your managers oversee a few engineers or multiple teams of developers, this program will expose the impact of AI within your organization.

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Key Training Takeaways

Foundations of Machine Learning

Learn fundamental algorithms crucial to designing a Machine Learning system.

  • 'Data to Scores'
  • 'Data to Classes'
  • 'Data to Clusters'

Machine Learning Tools

Learn industry standard tools to do Machine Learning. Including:


Learn how to predict ROI for a potential AI Project.

  • Algorithmically Feasible
  • Impact
  • Data
  • Recurrence


Walk away with an AI roadmap with specific ways to solve problems using Machine Learning.

Our Training

Learn the Fundamentals of Machine Learning

  • Understand how to address problems with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.
  • Learn how to use SciKit Learn building blocks.

Identify the Right Algorithms to Use

  • Our industry experts advise you on the Machine Learning algorithms best suited for your use case.
  • We’ll support your team in coding the new Machine Learning features.

Develop a Machine Learning Roadmap

  • With our mentors you’ll create a roadmap of Machine Learning features that will enhance and improve your existing systems.

Start Development

  • Through guided coding sessions, you'll apply what you've learned during the training.
  • Additionally, best practices for developing and deploying new features will be explored.

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