Our services drive enterprise digital transformation through AI and Technology designed for solving enterprise problems.

Digital Transformation

How we build AI Solutions

How we build AI Solutions

Understand the Problem

Our experts will help you know that your business problem can be effectively solved with AI and understand how it relates to your business.

Perform Data Discovery

Our data architects will delve into your data and help strategize for collecting and organizing the necessary data for your intended solution.

Create a Roadmap

Fusemachines technology leads provide a roadmap of milestones for the solution, how much it costs, what it takes to build, and what it takes to maintain.

Build the Solution

Our ML scientists and engineers create the solution alongside end-users and stakeholders in your organization.

Maintain and Support

Fusemachines helps maintain and support the final solution for you after it’s deployed. Our clients keep all developed work as IP and can even patent it, which we can also help with.

Our capabilities

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