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Democratize AI

Making AI accessible to Students

What is Democratize AI?

To us, democratizing AI means making AI accessible to everyone. We believe that AI has the power to transform our world by bringing education and career opportunities to people all around the world, which has the potential to influence economic growth for generations to come. But, in order to democratize AI successfully, there are many barriers that need to be eliminated - such as the minimal access schools have to technology, a lack of Al curriculum at the k-12 level, and a lack of teachers in underserved communities who are readily equipped to teach AI.
Sameer Maskey
Sameer Maskey
CEO of Fusemachines
Democratize AI is more than a social mission. It’s a responsibility and it’s one that we take seriously.

How we Democratize AI

Our social mission to Democratize AI is at the center of everything we do at Fusemachines. Whether we’re facilitating AI education programs for K-12 schools and higher education, or partnering with governments to create AI schools, Fusemachines is dedicated to paving the way for students in underserved communities to kickstart a career in AI.
Working closely with our partners, Fusemachines provides all the resources needed to provide a world class AI education. These include the lecturers, proprietary curriculum, and our AI learning platform Fuseclassroom to facilitate both theoretical and hands on practical lessons.

Empowering AI Innovation and Talent

AI Hackathon
Fusemachines AI Hackathon

In our mission to democratize AI, our team of Data, AI and Tech engineers has crafted innovative solutions to industry challenges. Through a dynamic 30-hour hackathon featuring 18 AI projects, we fostered lively idea exchange and created impactful prototypes, symbolizing communal progress in the AI field.

Fuse AI
Fusemachines AI Fellowship

The Fusemachines AI Fellowship is a dynamic 6 month course, held mostly online, designed by leading global AI and tech experts. The course is created to upskill AI students and professionals, provide hands-on experiences and real-world AI applications.

local talent development
Local Talent Developed Medical Drone Delivery in Nepal

With Fusemachines' support, Nepali engineers tested a successful drone delivery outside Kathmandu, highlighting their self-built autonomous drone's skill in navigating challenging terrain for medical supplies. This underscores the importance of investing in local talent for global AI competitiveness and overcoming barriers in artificial intelligence.


Fusemachines, in collaboration with AID (Artificial Intelligence for Developers), orchestrated the first and largest event of its kind, unveiling cutting-edge AI products and initiatives from businesses, academia, and AI experts in Nepal. Drawing over 2000 attendees, the gathering fostered a dynamic environment for networking, learning, and advancing the frontiers of artificial intelligence in the region.

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