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Expanding Business Horizons: Empowering Success with AI & Data

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speaker Audio icon Vijay Venkatesan
Guest for the episode

Vijay Venkatesan

Chief Analytics Officer
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
Season 2

Episode 1

April 24 2024
44 mins

Understanding AI Readiness: Foundations for Success

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Season 2

Episode 2

Identifying the Right Business Problem for AI Implementation

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Season 2

Episode 3

Choosing the Right AI Technologies and Algorithms

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Season 2

Episode 4

Data Preparation and Quality for AI Projects

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Season 2

Episode 5

Building Cross-functional AI Teams

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Meet your host

Nate V. Rackiewicz

Head of Data and Analytics, North America

Introducing your guide to everything AI and data readiness for the latest season of FuseBytes Podcast! Our host brings a wealth of experience, insightful perspectives, and a passion for technology. Join us for conversations with industry experts, navigating the complexities and possibilities of artificial intelligence and leave with valuable and actionable takeaways.

Past Episodes
Umar Malik Carol Bunevich Audio icon viable
Guest for the episode
Joel Brown-Christenson

Co-founder, ViableEdu

November 15 202200:40:06

Financial Literacy in the Era of Fintech

Taylor Allen Audio icon David
Guest for the episode
David Mendlewicz

Co-founder & CEO, Butterfly

December 1 202200:26:27

HR in the Age of Technology

Umar Malik Audio icon Sumitra Kafle Navdeep Nath
Guest for the episode
Dr. Sumitra Kafle

CEO & Co-founder, Upacare

Dr. Navdeep Nath

Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder, Upacare

December 23 202200:32:44

Digitizing Health Services in Nepal and the Importance of Primary Healthcare

Umar Malik Audio icon Monish Gandhi
Guest for the episode
Monish Gandhi

Founder and CEO, Gradient Ascent AI

January 20 202300:38:44

Growing & Thriving in an AI Powered World

Umar Malik Audio icon Andrew Abner
Guest for the episode
Andrew Abner

Director of Enterprise Data Science, Take-Two Interactive

February 16 202300:47:31

Leadership, ChatGPT, AI in Gaming & More

Umar Malik Audio icon Amir Feizpour
Guest for the episode
Amir Feizpour

Co-founder and CEO, Aggregate Intellect

March 15 202300:36:23

The Business of Being a Tech Founder

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