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Banking & Insurance

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bank growth patners
bank growth patners

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10+ years of consistently delivering exceptional AI Solutions and Services in the banking and insurance industries.
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Our areas of expertise in banking and insurance

Fraud Detection

Our team uses the latest and most advanced AI technology to detect abnormal patterns and behavior in large volumes of data to detect fraud and risk before it occurs.

Risk Management

Risk management is more important than ever, and our advanced AI solutions use the latest methods to ensure effective portfolio management, credit risk assessment, cybersecurity and more.


We use advanced AI for compliance, including regulatory compliance, transaction monitoring, risk assessment and more.

Investment Management

Our AI powered investment management solutions include predictive analytics to forecast market trends and boost decision making, risk management, trading and more.

Personalized Financial Planning

Our AI powered personalized financial planning uses advanced methods to provide personalized insights for individual customers, such as goal setting, risk profiling, portfolio optimization and more.

Credit Scoring

Our AI solutions analyze vast amounts of data to derive insights about an individual’s credit worthiness.

Customer Service Chatbots

Our AI-driven chatbots can provide instant and personalized customer support, handle routine inquiries, guide users through processes, and offer recommendations.

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Our AI engines expedite media and entertainment business value with industry-specific solutions

Xtract AI EngineTM

The future of Generative AI for Information Extraction

Answer GenTM

A GenAI based Answer Generation Engine from Documents

"Fuse’s ability to deliver consistently outstanding solutions and strategic counsel is on par with their commitment to nurturing AI and tech talent through global education initiatives. Their unique role as experts and educators motivates us to continue finding ways to work together."

Bharat Krish
President, TIME Digital and CTO


AI and machine learning algorithms are being employed to detect unusual patterns and prevent fraudulent activities. This includes real-time analysis of transactions, biometric security measures, and predictive analytics to identify potential threats.

AI can personalize banking experiences by analyzing customer data to provide tailored financial advice, product recommendations, and customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants.

Yes, AI systems can analyze vast amounts of data to identify and assess various risks, such as credit risk, market risk, and operational risk, allowing banks to make more informed decisions and mitigate potential losses.

AI can automate the monitoring and reporting processes required for regulatory compliance, ensuring that banks adhere to laws and regulations more efficiently by flagging transactions that may require further investigation.

AI algorithms can process complex and diverse data sets, including non-traditional data, to assess creditworthiness more accurately and quickly, leading to better credit decisions.

Challenges include integrating AI with legacy systems, data privacy and security concerns, the need for a skilled workforce, and ensuring transparency and fairness in AI decision-making.

AI automates routine tasks, reduces the need for manual intervention, and optimizes processes, leading to significant cost savings in areas such as customer service, back-office operations, and compliance checks.

Yes, banks use AI for predictive analytics to forecast future trends in the market, customer behavior, and credit performance, which helps in strategic planning and proactive risk management.

AI enhances AML by analyzing patterns and relationships in data to spot suspicious activities more accurately and reduce false positives, making AML processes more efficient.

AI streamlines the digital onboarding process by automating identity verification using document reading and facial recognition technologies, improving the speed and security of customer onboarding.

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